My-Chosen Cafe

4492 Happy Valley Road, Metchosin BC

We are proud to be a part of the Metchosin community and welcome everyone from far and near to join us. Drop by anytime you have a craving for a simple, fresh, homemade meal.

Vancouver Island Green Business 2016

About Us

Since July 22, 1987, the Madill family and their team have been serving up hearty, home-style meals to the community of Metchosin, BC. Their story is a good one, filled with dreams, hard work and with plenty of perseverance along the way.

The first time Mike and Shannon spied what was to become ‘their’ cafe was during a date, riding rented scooters through the beautiful countryside of Metchosin. While gassing up at the local service station, they spotted a great place for lunch and went in for a burger. As they ate their lunch, they dreamt of the possibilities for this little place, and they knew they were the right people to make it happen. Six months later, Mike and Shannon took possession of their 32-seat jewel!

My Chosen Cafe Counter

With the help of friends and family, My-Chosen Cafe opened its doors and the community of Metchosin welcomed them with open arms.

My Chosen Cafe Covered WagonAs the café was embraced enthusiastically by its loyal customers, it didn't take long until it was clear that an expansion was needed and the land next door provided the blank canvas for their latest vision.

In January of 1995, My-Chosen Cafe moved into their brand new 102 seat cafe that you see here today. Two years later, Critter Corner was added to amuse and distract both young children and adults alike.

If you ask the Madills what has made them successful, they will tell you that they have been blessed to be surrounded by amazing, passionate people, who have a shared desire to deliver consistent, delicious food and provide a service that is genuine and welcoming. It has been, and continues to be, a journey.

We look forward to you joining us!

4492 Happy Valley Road
Monday-Friday 10am-9pm
Saturday and Sunday 8am-9pm